Vikings, Beer Festival And Spear Pie

Last Saturday I attended another fantastic event in Stamford Bridge. We enjoyed the Vikings, a beer festival and the Spear Pie competition.

Rich Clark, Chair of Stamford Bridge Parish Council and myself were asked to judge the Spear Pie competition as we had the required skills. Congratulations to Maxine Birkett who won the competition.

Steve, Brian and the 1066 Battle of Stamford Bridge Heritage Society, put on a wonderful festival in the grounds of the Old Station Club.

In the club itself a selection of ten ales from York Brewery and Wold Top Brewery were pulled off very well by all those working the bar. I made a sacrifice by sampling a half of each to ensure the standard was acceptable for others.

The ladies serving the pie and peas did a fantastic job.

Congratulations to Mick Lawson and his team for organising such a successful event.

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