ERYC Chief Exec Over Rules Case Law

ERYC Chief Exec, Caroline Lacey believes she can over rule case-law and fundamental legislation. For background information please read ERYC Break Law To Stifle Opposition


  1. ERYC can not remove me from a committee – case-law supports this – yet they did.
  2. ERYC can not remove my access to confidential papers – case-law supports this – yet they did.

Response From Caroline Lacey – October 2

Dear Councillor Strangeway

Further to your email below I do not believe there have been any failures in the Standards process.

If you wish to challenge the Council’s decision that is a matter for you.

Caroline Lacey

My Reply

Dear Caroline,

I politely refer you to (LINK) and highly recommend that you read the content and seek external legal advice.

Is this your unqualified opinion or that of a legally qualified person? Have you discussed this with Mathew Buckley?

This is case law. No personal opinion or even that of a legally qualified person can over rule this.

Please forward email details of our Auditors I will refer to them.


Cllr Andy Strangeway

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