Tory Cllrs Higher Allowances Than Independent Cllr

The allowances for Conservative ERYC Councilors is £14,934 to £28,901 in the Pocklington and Market Weighton area while for an Independent it is £13,727.

Would Be Expected Test

The special allowances are payable to those members who hold positions which require them to spend more time and effort on the council’s affairs than would be expected of other members.

Many residents would question if any of the local Tories  actually do what is expected.

As such why are they paid extra?

Surely it is not a reward for never questioning Parnaby and senior ERYC officers?

Value For Money

Although I receive the lowest allowance I am in no doubt that I spend more time in my role than any of the local five Conservatives. That is value for money.

No wonder all five Tories have voted to increase the Council Tax for the past two years as their inflated salaries must be paid. I did not vote to increase the Council Tax.

All Councillors are equal and should receive an equal allowance. The minimum.

Forget public service think of the money!

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