ERYC Breach Care Act 2014: Graham Baverstock

By not accepting Councillor Andy Strangeway as Graham Baverstocks chosen advocate ERYC are in breach of the Care Act 2014 Section 9 (5) (c).

This states:

“(5)A local authority, in carrying out a needs assessment, must involve—(c) any person whom the adult asks the authority to involve”

Graham has constantly stated he wants Councillor Strangeway present when ERYC are carrying out any assessment on him.

ERYC – Urgent Action

ERYC must now undertake urgent action to correct their failure to fulfil their obligations as per the Care Act 2014 Section 9 (5) (c) before it is too late for Graham.

I will make myself available to meet with ERYC and Graham in his home either

  1. 16.00 today or
  2. 11.00 tomorrow

to facilitate the required assessment.

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