ERYC Corrupt: 66 Councillors Turn Blind Eye

Despite being informed that ERYC are conducting themselves in breach of case-law numerous times in recent weeks and in Full Council yesterday I still await the first of the other 66 ERYC Councillors to issue a public statement condemning such corruption.

The fundamental purpose of being an ERYC Ward Councillor is to undertake checks and balances. Yet the vast majority of Councillors believe you should not question ERYC officers.

Public Statement Invitation

I invite all 66 ERYC Councillors to issue me a public statement for publication condemning ERYC conducting itself in breach of case-law.

I would like to remind the 66 that the next election is just over six months away.

I am in no doubt that there are 66 good East Riding folk and true who are ready to replace you all.

Further Information

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