ERYC Standards Remit: Silence True Opposition

It has been confirmed that the remit of the ERYC Standards Committee is to silence true opposition in County Hall.

Councillor Walker – Chaired Standards Hearing That Breached Legislation

From 1 May 2017 to 30 April 2018 ERYC received 43 complaints against Councillors.

This included ERYC Councillors (of whom there are 67) and Councillors from 168 Parish/Town Councils within the East Riding (an estimated total of circa 1,350 Councillors).

Of these, only six complaints had led to Standards Committee Hearings, four of which were against me.

“In all six cases breaches of at least two paragraphs of the adopted Code of Conduct had been found. The Hearings resulted in the following recommendations being made to the appropriate authority:- censure; the writing of a letter of apology and removal of posts from a blog; removal of a copy of an email from a blog; removal of access to confidential papers until the end of the Councillor’s term of office; removal from the membership of a Council Committee; non-consideration for the membership of any Overview and Scrutiny Review Panel”

To do this ERYC breached legislation to achieve subjective opinions in an attempt to silence me.

They have failed.

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