ERYC Covert Meeting – Olive Branch Offered

Graham Baverstock today requested that I visit him in his home in Bridlington to enable him to express his concerns on video that ERYC have held a covert meeting with Scarborough Hospital to discuss his Care and Data without his permission.

As communication from ERYC is detrimental to Graham’s health he has stated:

  1. He does not give ERYC permission to share his Data.
  2. He wants ERYC to communicate with his advocate Councillor Andy Strangeway to organise any future meetings with him.
  3. He welcomes a meeting with ERYC, himself and his advocate Councillor Andy Strangeway in his home to undertake a home based Care Assessment.
  4. Subject to the meeting being carried out in a professional manner Graham will then consider giving his approval for ERYC to share his Data and discuss his care with others.

Councillor Andy Strangeway Statement

“I am happy to be Grahams advocate and to receive email communication from ERYC to organise the required meeting.

Graham should be applauded for offering ERYC an olive branch”.

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