ERYC Pathetic and Unnecessary – Grahams Care Assessment

Despite Graham Baverstock offering ERYC an olive branch they continue to be pathetic and unnecessary.

Graham simply stated:

  1. He wants ERYC to communicate with his advocate Councillor Andy Strangeway to organise any future meetings with him.
  2. He welcomes a meeting with ERYC, himself and his advocate Councillor Andy Strangeway in his home to undertake a home based Care Assessment.
  3. Subject to the meeting being carried out in a professional manner Graham will then consider giving his approval for ERYC to share his Data and discuss his care with others.

ERYC Response

“Dear Mr Strangeway

We acknowledge receipt of your email in which you state Mr Baverstock is in agreement to an assessment of his needs. We can confirm that an Independent Social Worker will be instructed to make contact with you to arrange a time to meet Mr Baverstock to begin this process. We will also confirm that Mr Baverstock has expressed his desire to have all communication and visits with him, with your knowledge and in your presence.

We will be back in touch as soon as we have received agreement from an Independent Social Worker to commence this assessment. We expect the Social worker to then be in contact with you directly to agree a mutually convenient time to visit Mr Baverstock at home.

Yours Sincerely
Lee Thompson
Head of Adult Services”

ERYC Pathetic Failures

  1. Graham requested Councillor Andy Strangeway – ERYC want Andy Strangeway. The choice is for Graham to make not ERYC.
  2. Graham welcomed a meeting with ERYC – ERYC want an Independent Social Worker – Graham will accept this and the findings subject to ERYC agreeing to accept the findings before the assessment takes place.
  3. Graham stated Subject to the meeting being carried out in a professional manner”. Do ERYC understand professionalism?

ERYC Must Revisit

ERYC must revisit their position with Graham and start to conduct themselves professionally not like children playing games in the play ground.

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