My Full Support – Stamford Bridge Parish Council

I would like to assure everyone that Stamford Bridge Parish Council have my full support. Indeed I am in awe of the fantastic and dedicated work they do for Stamford Bridge.

Sadly Parish Councillors of neighbouring Parish Councils and those previously associated with a local Parish Council have entered into debate questioning their finances. It will come as no surprise to anyone that the debate took place on the Pock Politics Facebook page.

I find the undercurrent to this debate distasteful.

Please read Full Debate Stamford Bridge Parish Council Finances

Those Involved

  • Veronica Pettifer – Ms Pettifer is former Clerk of Everingham Parish Council
  • Jill Sinton – Ms Sinton is a Parish Councillor for Pocklington Town Council
  • Sarah Davies – Ms Davies is a Parish Councillor of Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council
  • Dean Hodgson – Mr Hodgson is Mayor and Parish Councillor of Pocklington Town Council


  1. Stamford Bridge Parish Council are very supportive of Stamford Bridge in Bloom
  2. Stamford Bridge Parish Council are exceedingly transparent with their finances. Unlike Pocklington Town Council their finances are shared in detail with everyone who attends their meetings and the public can clearly hear the discussion about them
  3. Stamford Bridge Parish Council do not maintain the Sports Hall
  4. Stamford Bridge Parish Council do not maintain the toilets
  5. Stamford Bridge Parish Council do not own the Village Hall

Polite Suggestions

  • If what Ms Pettifer states is correct it is Pocklington Town Council who should issue a statement to residents advising why their reserves are below the minimum recommended.
  • Ms Pettifer, Ms Davies, Ms Sinton and Mr Hodgson should attend the next Stamford Bridge Parish Council meeting.
  • When Stamford Bridge Parish Council confirm their books are in order Pocklington Town Council and Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council should offer an apology to Stamford Bridge Parish Council for the involvement of their Councillors questioning them in such a distasteful way.

Walk Away From

I am sure residents who read this will appreciate why I walked away from both Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council and Pocklington Town Council.

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