Pocklington Town Council – Insufficient Financial Reserves

In My Full Support – Stamford Bridge Parish Council I exposed a debate which had a distasteful undercurrent and involved two Pocklington Town Council (PTC) Councillors.

Councillor Jill Sinton

It is recommended that a Parish/Town Council holds three to twelve months of turnover in reserves. If Ms Pettifer is correct it appears that PTC hold less than two months of reserves.

Please read Full Debate Stamford Bridge Parish Council Finances

This is clearly very concerning for Pocklington residents. If correct it shows either bad financial planning and/or a mismanagement of finances.

I would politely suggest that PTC Councillor Jill Sinton be more occupied in addressing Pocklington residents concern as to “what is happening to the cash” at PTC.

Those who live in glasshouses….

Conservative Ward Councillors

If the information is correct three Conservative/ex- Conservative ERYC Ward Councillors have been witness to this.

  • Cllr Dee Sharpe – ERYC Ward Councillor Willerby and Kirk Ella. A PTC Councillor
  • Cllr Claude Mole – ERYC Ward Councillor Pocklington Provincial
  • Cllr Kay West – ERYC Ward Councillor Pocklington Provincial

Email To PTC

From: Andy Strangeway

Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2018 7:04 PM

To: townclerk@pocklington.gov.uk

Cc: allthemoles@aol.com ; kaywestbb@hotmail.com

Subject: Pocklington Town Council – Insufficient Financial Reserves

Dear Gordon,

Could I please refer you to (LINK)

Could you confirm how many months of financial reserves PTC hold?

Why have PTC allowed their reserves to get so low?

How do PTC plan to address their shortage of reserves?


Councillor Andy Strangeway

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