Paranoid ERYC In County Hall Lockdown

Yesterday I was amazed to receive notice of what in effect is a lockdown of County Hall on Thursday 15 November.

“On Thursday 15 November there is a Planning meeting at County Hall in rooms 2 & 3 from 2-00pm where there is the potential for a large number of protesters to descend around the building.

Would you please ensure that on 15 November staff; were possible, work from home or on an alternative site and that no external visitors are booked into County Hall.

There will be no contractors working on site that day.

Staff within County Hall are in no danger, however to enable us to manage the meeting in a controlled environment we would appreciate your cooperation.”

Staff In No Danger

  • If staff are in no danger why is County Hall going into lockdown?
  • Why are officers in different buildings being advised to work from home or on an alternative site?
  • How will this affect productivity?
  • Why are security not employed instead?
  • Would it not make financial sense to employ security instead of going into lockdown?

If there is a need to go into lock down ERYC must ensure all but essential staff are not in County Hall on 15 November.

I Will Attend

To ensure transparency and accountability I will attend the Planning meeting on 15 November and record proceedings.

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