West Newton Fracking Application – My Submission

This is my submission to the ERYC Planning Committee against the West Newton Fracking Application.


  • In 2015 the temporary planning permission for West Newton A expired, and Rathlin applied for a Variation of Condition, for another 36 months.  This was, “APPROVED … subject to the conditions:” I quote from the Notice of Decision by East Riding of Yorkshire Council: “ At the end of the 36 month period all drilling and test activities shall have ceased and all equipment, access, structures and buildings shall have been removed from the site, the borehole shall have been plugged and abandoned, the bunding and perimeter fences and ditches removed, the site levels re-graded and the site shall have been restored to agriculture … This condition is imposed because this is a temporary permission …At the end of the period the site needs to have been restored to its former use in the interests of protecting the visual amenities of the area.”
  • On Thursday ERYC ignored this condition and instead gave a three-year extension.
  • Any conditions ERYC put on a Planning Application are no longer worth the paper they have written on.

By ignoring the condition ERYC Planning have confirm that they are corrupt.

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