ERYC Cllrs Free Buffet – The Last Supper

Tomorrow ERYC Councillors will be tucking into a free buffet as part of a training session on Chairing skills between 10.30 am – 3.00 pm.

Conservative Councillor Victoria Aitkin

Yet again ERYC are spending tax payers resources to feed Councillors. If such funds are available it should go to local food banks.

The training session should have been held over three years ago after the last election.

Why is such a training session being held now when in six months time up to half of the current Councillors will not be Councillors?

Why not hold it after the election in May 2019 to maximise the use of tax payers resources?

Hopefully it is the last free supper.

Looking on the bright side this is a great opportunity for Conservative Councillor Victoria Aitkin to improve her limited skills.

As this training session is a waste of tax payers resources I will not be attending the event.

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