ERYC Conservatives Standing Down: Public Confirmation

The Conservative Party have made a quick public confirmation that ERYC Conservatives Standing Down posted on 12 November is correct by making a statement in this weeks Driffield & Wolds Weekly just 10 days later.

Cllr Symon Fraser

“Residents in the Driffield and Rural Ward will have a new line-up of Conservative candidates to vote for when the local elections for East Riding of Yorkshire Council take place on Thursday 2nd May 2019.”

The two new candidates are Matt Rogers and Michael Lee who will replace Barbara Hall and Symon Fraser.

In the last election in 2015 Matt Rogers stood as an Independent in Driffield and Rural and came ninth out of eleven.

Will he prove the “stick a blue rosette on a sheep” theory correct?

Symon Fraser – ERYC Leader Candidate to No Candidate

The biggest shock for some is that Cllr Symon Fraser went from being a candidate to be the next ERYC Leader to not even standing.

I can confirm that such was the in fighting within the Tories for the next Leader it was “suggested” by many Tories that Symon must not be the new Leader.

So Symon decided to walk. That is another story.

The Other Fifteen Standing Down

Why are the Conservative Party so keen to confirm a leak I revealed 10 days ago?

The reason to rush out the announcement for Driffield and Rural is that currently the Tories have failed to persuade anyone to stand in place of some of those standing down. Indeed things are so bad that the Tories will not be fielding a candidate in every seat unless new candidates can be found very soon.

The Tory barrel appears to be rather empty.

Dont even ask about the quality of those standing.

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