Moor Road Crossing Flashing Lights Requested

Concern has recently been raised with me with regards how dangerous it is becoming to cross Moor Road, Stamford Bridge at the split crossroads of Lob Lane and Battleflats Way.

Not only are more parents using the crossing to take their children to school from the new estates on the A166 but parents are also understandably concerned with the expected increase in traffic from the planned new prison in Full Sutton using Moor Road.

Thankfully all schools in a similar situation in Pocklington Provincial already have flashing lights which operate at school times to warn motorists that children are crossing. These include the schools in Pocklington, Sutton Upon Derwent and Wilberfoss.

Given the increased, and planned increase, in traffic in Stamford Bridge I have requested ERYC to bring the Stamford Bridge schools in line with the other schools in Pocklington Provincial and give consideration to installing flashing lights on Moor Road.

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