Stamford Bridge Local Plan Review – November Update

I can confirm of those who made a choice of option 1 or option 2 for Stamford Bridge for the Local Plan Review about 75% choose option 1. Of the remaining approximately 25% half choose option 2 while the other half choose neither option.

Define Significant

Many asked what does significant mean in numbers. The response below is from ERYC. I have highlighted the last sentence as I believe this to be highly relevant.

“Turning to the specific question that you have raised, unfortunately there isn’t really a simple answer to this at present. The current consultation is seeking views on the principle of future growth in Stamford Bridge working on the basis that the existing highways infrastructure (and in particular the river crossing) acts as a significant constraint to further growth. The Council’s position is that funding to address this problem would have to be generated through new development and in turn, the scale of such development (given the likely cost of a new bridge crossing / bypass) would have to be significant.

At this stage, it is very difficult to quantify ‘significant’. Further work will need to be undertaken to establish the overall capacity of the area to accommodate growth and likely costs of necessary infrastructure (i.e. how many new houses / other required developer contributions / viability). This will in part be informed by the level and nature of response that we receive to the current options consultation – and of course we may get a response which indicates an alternative way forward for Stamford Bridge.

This may not give you quite the answer that you would ideally want, but I would stress at this stage that this is an in principle issue. Perhaps looking at things slightly differently, without significant infrastructure improvements, I would suggest that only very limited in-fill would be possible.

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