Beverley Town Council Request ERYC Break Law

Beverley Town Council made a request for ERYC to break the law and disgracefully ERYC agreed to the request.

ERYC Conservative Councillor and Beverley Town Council Mayor – Bryan Pearson

In July 2018 I requested copies of Emergency Plans held by ERYC, including the one for Beverley Town Council, as per the Freedom of Information Act. In the response I received on 17 August 2018 it stated:

“Beverley Town Council has asked that we do not share their plan.”

As ERYC agreed with this both they and Beverley Town Council breached the Freedom of Information Act. Shall we count how many current and ex ERYC Conservative Councillors sit on Beverley Town Council?

Please read ERYC Freedom of Information Request Response

I finally received the Beverley Town Council Emergency Plan and reading it Beverley residents will see why they want it kept Top Secret

Please read Beverley Town Council Emergency Plan

Once again this confirms that ERYC are corrupt to the core. It doesn’t say a great deal about the Beverley Town Council either.

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