Stand For Election – Register To Vote

The next ERYC elections to elect the 67 Ward Councillors are due to take place in May 2019. This includes Pocklington Provincial.

In the beginning

Stand For Election

As an Independent I an neither pro or anti any of the Politic Parties. I simply believe in “12 good men and true“.

The Pocklington Provincial Ward is currently represented by three Councillors – two Conservative and myself as an Independent.

For the next election I would encourage all the parties – Conservative, Green, Labour, Liberal Democrat, UKIP and the Yorkshire Party – to stand three candidates in Pocklington Provincial. In addition it would be good to see many true Independents also standing. This would result in a selection of over 20 candidates for the electorate (residents) to choose from.

The fundamental purpose of a ERYC Ward Councillor is to undertake “checks and balances” of ERYC which includes representing their residents.

Register To Vote

To ensure democracy I would also encourage all residents to register to vote.

My Position

Since April 2016 I have spent an average of over 50 hours a week undertaking my elected duty for which I receive an allowance of £11,502 per annum plus 0.45p per mile.

At this moment in time I am yet to decide if I will stand again. I could never be a “Paper Councillor” who does very little.

If I decide to stand again for another four years I would do so in the full knowledge that I would put the same work rate in as I currently enjoy doing.

I will discuss this decision with my wife in the New Year.

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