Conservative Councillor Andy Burton – Utter Bunkum

Last night the king of utter bunkum Conservative Councillor for Wolds Weighton, Andy Burton, talked utter bunkum yet again. This time at Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council meeting in response to points raised by residents with regards the planned new prison.

Cllr Mike Stathers (left) and  Cllr Andy Burton (Right)

The expression of Councillor Mike Stathers, who sits on the planning committee, clearly shows what he thinks about the performance of Councillor Andy Burton.

The bunkum king encouraged residents to submit their objections to the planned prison despite the fact that the reasons have no chance of preventing the Outline Planning for the new prison being approved. Two examples:

  • A lady walks her dog and is forced to walk on the grass verge due to traffic and she will have to do this more if Outline Planning is approved.
  • Residents will be able to hear inmates playing football.

Councillor Andy Burton you need to come clean and admit the truth.

Councillors Standing Down

I am of the opinion that the application will go to planning committee on either Thursday 28 March or Thursday 18 April. This will be about one month before the next election. At least 5 of the 12 on the planning committee will not be seeking re-election:

  1. Councillor Phyllis Pollard – Chair – Conservative
  2. Councillor Margaret Chadwick – Conservative
  3. Councillor Tony Galbraith – Conservative
  4. Councillor Barbara Hall – Conservative
  5. Councillor Bryan Pearson – Conservative

In addition to these five Councillor Andy Burton will also be stepping down at the election.

Full Approval

As it is National Conservative Government Policy to build super prisons I am in no doubt that the Conservative dominated planning committee, who account for 9 out of the 12, will approve the application as they put party before resident.

Time will soon tell if Strangeway is talking sense and Burton is talking bunkum.

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