Pocklington Businesses And Residents Dumbfounded By PTC

Incompetence and arrogance by Pocklington Town Council (PTC) has left countless Pocklington businesses and residents dumbfounded. Within 24 hours of attempting to manage countless enquiries and comments, PTC have alienated many of the residents and businesses of Pocklington.

Councillor Jill Sinton

For reasons that only the PTC and a handful of their friends seem to understand, PTC have cancelled the Festival of Christmas scheduled to take place this evening first thing yesterday morning.

As I was requested to attempt to intervene I asked, what I thought was a simple question, on the PTC Events Facebook:

“Why cancel so far in advance?”

This resulted in once again my character being attacked by PTC Councillors, including Councillors Martin Cooper and Jill Sinton. To make matters worse they also shamefully attacked well-respected resident Cath Gledhill.

Councillor Sinton even accused me of washing my hands of Pocklington. As many residents know nothing could be further from the truth.


Of great concern PTC stated that the transformers to be used for the event are not 100% water proof. Given the obvious dangers I have referred this to ERYC in the interests of public safety.

Failure To Empower

The failure of PTC to empower residents can only be seen as a disaster for Pocklington.

Therefore, in an attempt to move things forward I have offered a one to one meeting with Councillor Dean Hodgson, the Mayor of Pocklington. I am even happy to invite Dean to my home for the meeting.

Sadly, to date, I have received no reply to my invitation.

Impossible To Work With

I have never witnessed such conduct by any of the other six Parish Councils in the Pocklington Provincial Ward.

The conduct residents witnessed yesterday confirms why I believe PTC are impossible to work with.

Next May

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Next May all 13 PTC Councillors are up for election.

Please note who your 13 PTC Councillors are (click on link).

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