Festival Of Christmas – Failed Risk Assessment

When Pocklington Town Council cancelled the Festival of Christmas on Tuesday morning I was concern as to whether all risks had been identified and mitigated. Therefore I requested copy of the Risk Assessment.

Pocklington Mayor – Dean Hodgson

Please see Pocklington Town Council Festival Of Christmas Risk Assessment

In an attempt to move my concerns forward in a discrete way I offered a one to one meeting with the Mayor Dean Hodgson. Bizarrely Dean stated he could not meet me on a one to one and could only meet me with the full Town Council.

My Concerns

  • The risks from the weather to the public, be it high winds, rain, wet or lighting etc have not been identified and those risks mitigated.
  • There is no evacuation procedure
  • There is no mention of First Aiders.
  • Without identifying and mitigating these concerns PTC insurance would be nul and void.
  • In the event of injury or death to a member of the public, following legal action, this could result in PTC being forced to sell assets.

East Yorkshire Events

I have already referred my concerns to ERYC with regards the use of transformers that are not 100% waterproof. They have confirmed that they will look into this.

As the Mayor has declined my offer to meet with him I will now refer my concerns regards the Risk Assessment to EY Events.

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