Pocklington Anti Social Behaviour – Working Together

Understandably many Pocklington residents are concerned about anti social behaviour in the town. Only by working together will this be resolved.

Residents often draw my attention to anti social behaviour being highlighted on social media. This can be seen as a badge of honour for those committing anti social behaviour. Indeed, it can be said that it leads to more anti social behaviour.

We then have certain residents and some Pocklinton Town Council Councillors using irresponsible rhetoric on social media. Those committing anti social behaviour then read this. What message do such residents and PTC believe this gives out?

I am currently involved with addressing certain Pocklington based anti social behaviour with the appropriate senior officer at ERYC. I do this by listening to residents experiences first. Residents are the eyes and ears.

Polite Request

Please be very careful of making those who are involved in anti social behaviour “heroes” by posting their conduct on social media.

I request everyone raises any issue of anti social behaviour with either the Police, ERYC or their Ward Councillor.

A working together is required.

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