New Prison – Material Considerations Not Project Fear

Over recent weeks I have watched as Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council (FSSPC) have sadly engaged in project fear against the planned new prison in Full Sutton.

My wife and I have lived in Full Sutton, next to the current prison, for the past 15 years. We have not had one issue with the prison. I have lived in the YO4 area of the East Riding all my life and could not wish for a better place to live.

Everyone has known that a second prison was always planned for Full Sutton yet the FSSPC are now engaged in project fear against that which we, and they, all knew was going to happen.

I say project fear as they are failing to share fundamental information with residents.

Planning Applications

Objections to all planning applications will only be considered by that which legislation states, material considerations. Opinion is not considered. Petitions count as one objection, not the number who sign said petition.

Please read material considerations.

NB: Even if material considerations are raised a balance must then be taken between these and the planning gains and how the application complies with planning legislation. Think of a pair of scales.

Outline Planning

The current application is for outline planning (in principle) and as such much that has currently been raised is not for consideration with an outline planning application.

Previous Outline Planning

Despite the fact that there was no material consideration to do so FSSPC objected to the previous application which was rightly approved as there was no reason to reject it. By objecting FSSPC lost credibility. The little girl who cried wolf …..

Six Ward Councillors

If any resident of Pocklington Provincial or Wolds Weighton Wards have any material objections against the outline application I suggest they raise them with any one of their six Ward Councillors.

Two of the Ward Councillors will not be in office come May as they are not standing for re-election. Three can not fully engage as they sit on the Planning Committee which leaves Independent Councillor Andy Strangeway.

FSSPC have not raised any material consideration with Councillor Strangeway despite the fact he will be speaking at the Planning Committee. Why is this?

Economic Case

I know of no other business that would bring so much employment and economic benefit to the area that would have less of an impact per job created than the prison.

Perhaps FSSPC would like to address the economic case?

Strangeway – For or Against

As a private resident Andy Strangeway has no issue with the new prison however Councillor Andy Strangeway has identified four possible material considerations regards the outline application.

Councillor Andy Strangeway has already engaged with various departments of ERYC to address these. One has been addressed, one may have been addressed and two further appear to remain unaddressed.

Open Invite

I offer an open invite to local residents and FSSPC to email me any material considerations.


I highly recommend a working with not project fear.

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