Proposed New Prison – Managing Residents Concerns

This morning I was disappointed to witness Stamford Bridge Parish Council Councillor Colin Clarke misleading Stamford Bridge residents with regards the proposed new prison for Full Sutton.

Cllr Clarke informed residents “I know about planning as I am a Stamford Bridge Parish Council Councillor”.

Despite this claim Cllr Clarke appeared unwilling to accept that successful objections to any planning application will only be as per legislation. The current application for a new prison is an Outline application and as such only access and scale will be considered. Everything else will be considered at reserved matters (next stage). Sadly Cllr Clarke continued to hand out misleading information to residents which failed to mention these fundamental facts.

Moving Forward

Many concerns raised by residents need to be addressed to the Ministry of Justice. As such I highly recommend that Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council invite a representative of the Ministry of Justice to attend a Q & A public meeting in Full Sutton.

I also recommend that they invite the six ERYC Ward Councillors, who represent Pocklington Provincial and Wolds Weighton, to this meeting to also make themselves available for a public Q & A.

I can confirm that if the other five Ward Councillors and the Ministry of Justice agree to attend I will also.

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