Campaign Yes – Protest With Caution

It is interesting to observe that many people against the proposed planned new prison have gone down the protester route instead of the campaigner route.

  • Protest – as many people on board often without access to the required information to achieve their goal. This can lead to breaching of legislation and thus not engaging those who must be engaged.
  • Campaign – this does not rely on numbers of people. It relies on having access to the required information, an understanding of the required legislation and engaging with those who must be engaged with.

Prison Objectors Mistakes

  • Mistake 1 – They failed to treat Stamford Bridge Parish Council (SBPC) with respect by holding a stall in Stamford Bridge distributing information from a different Parish Council without first discussing this with SBPC. This could undermine future relations.
  • Mistake 2 – Some have illegally erected banners in Stamford Bridge. Again without first discussing with SBPC.
  • Possible Mistake 3 – Holding a protest on Saturday in Stamford Bridge which has the potential to be illegal. Again without first discussing with SBPC.

Example – Stamford Bridge Evening Bus Service

The saving of the Stamford Bridge evening bus service was instigated by a conversation between myself and a key stake holder. The next day all other stake holders were on board which resulted in the evening bus service being saved and relationships being built for the future benefit of the community.


  1. Some of the objectors are protesting against a prison which houses those who have broken the law by breaking the law themselves.
  2. Many of the objectors are questioning the lack of public transport but were they even aware that the evening bus service was at risk?
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