Kirkland Street Development – Appeal Refused

I can confirm that the appeal against the refusal of the Kirkland Street Development has been refused.

Fundamental to the rejection of this application was my raising of the fact that the Report of the Director of Planning and Economic Regeneration, Alan Menzies, to the Western Area Sub-Committee falsely stated:

“The surrounding area does not have on-street parking restrictions”

Almost the full length of Kirkland Street has double yellows.

On 26 September 2018 Alan Menzies agreed:

“At the Western Area Planning Sub Committee meeting, officers advised members that following your presentation, it was acknowledged that immediately outside the site there were parking restrictions”

Ward Councillor Planning Role

This case demonstrates the role a Ward Councillor plays in the planning process. This role cannot be fulfilled by a resident or Town/Parish Council.

NB: The same applies to the current application for a new prison in Full Sutton.

Further Information

  1. Called into committee – 30 April 2018
  2. Application Refused – 14 August 2018
  3. Appeal Refused  20 January 2019
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