Stamford Bridge Residents Unhappy With Objectors

At a busy meeting at The Station Club, Stamford Bridge last night many residents raised their unhappiness with me at the way the prison objectors are conducting themselves.

In relation to the letter from Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council (FSSPC) residents expressed:

  • A general annoyance at the letter
  • Sadness by the way feelings are being whipped up
  • Concern as to the false/misleading information contained

One resident stated if they had known how much false/misleading information the letter contained they would not have registered an objection.

False/Misleading Information

The following are all false/misleading information.

  1. “the more objections received the better chance of rejecting this proposal” – FALSE
  2. “as it is only with the sheer numbers of objections will anything be achieved” – FALSE
  3. Many of the Material Considerations and other factors listed do not apply to this application.
  4. “The height is a hazard to aircraft at the adjacent Full Sutton airfield” – FALSE – Aircraft cannot fly over a prison.
  5. “conflicts with existing ERYC strategies” – I cannot see anything in these policies that are applicable to this application.
  6. Other considerations – these have nothing to do with this application.
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