Wolds Weighton Conservatives – In Touch February 2019

This afternoon I received the Wolds Weighton Conservatives In Touch leaflet – February 2019.

As an ERYC Independent Councillor certain spin jumps out at me from the leaflet – the biggest is February 2019 – to date these are most certainly not monthly. In truth I can’t remember the last one I received.

The elephant in the room – the new Full Sutton prison is not mentioned –  no doubt filed under “Do Not Mention”.

Putting this aside I believe it to be a well produced leaflet.

Who Would I Vote For?

As a Full Sutton resident I will be voting for up to three Wolds Weighton candidates.

  • David Rudd – I would never vote for David as his voting record on Planning leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Mike Stathers – I have a lot of time for Mike although I don’t agree with Party Politics especially at Local Authority level. Mike has the ability and I believe the commitment to be a great conduit between the Conservatives and none Conservatives. This is not to be under estimated. I am more than happy with my dealings with Mike to date and would rate him the best Conservative at County Hall. I expect I will vote for Mike.
  • Leo Hammond – It was good to see Leo distribute the leaflet with a friend on a cold and wet Sunday afternoon. County Hall is screaming out for candidates that are not one step away from deaths door. I will consider voting for Leo.

Hopefully many more candidates will stand for election.

Coffee Invite

I would welcome the opportunity to meet Mike and Leo for a coffee to see what common ground we can work on.

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