Pocklington Provincial Tory Candidates – White Flag

Residents in Pocklington are in the process of receiving a leaflet from the Pocklington Provincial Tories which one resident described as waving a white flag.

Exclusive: Pocklington Provincial  Tory Party News

I can confirm that the story behind the leaflet is that Councillor Mole is not standing for re-election but Councillor West is. Kay will be joined by David Sykes and her son Paul West to stand for election to be ERYC Ward Councillors for Pocklington Provincial.

I expect everyone can see how this leaflet is a white flag.

No Fee

I can confirm that Councillor Andy Strangeway has received no fee for making this announcement.

I would like to thank my sources within the Conservatives for informing me who was standing a few weeks ago.

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