Prison Application – Update And Meeting Request

Working together with key stakeholders is a fundamental role of a Ward Councillor especially in times of mis-understandings as we are currently experiencing with regards the Full Sutton Prison application.

I can confirm that ERYC have ensured extra staff are working on processing objections to current applications.

Information given to objectors is causing delays to the processing of objections. To prevent these delays please do not email Susan Hunt your objections. If you are able post your objections on-line. If not please send them to

No Need To Extend Consultation Period

I can confirm that there is no truth in the opinion that there is an 8 to 10 day delay in processing applications.

ERYC Planning have stated

“There has indeed been a backlog with getting the public comments onto Public Access. All comments received to planning applications must be read by the planning officer to check for libellous, discriminatory, defamatory or otherwise offensive remarks before they are published.  We are presently receiving a very high volume of responses to a number of planning applications (not just the Prison) and therefore it is taking longer then usual for comments to be published.  A note was placed on the Public Access website last week to make people aware.  I can confirm that we are currently publishing comments for the Prison received on 3rd February so are almost up to date now,

The expiry date for comments is currently 25th February (due to some additional consultations being carried out). There is no need to extend the consultation period for public comments further than this, as we do accept comments (and take them into account in decision making) after the expiry date and up to the day before it is determined by Planning Committee.”

Stakeholders Meeting Requested

Given the current challenging situation we are experiencing with regards the prison application I have requested Stephen Hunt, ERYC Head of Planning, invites key stakeholders to a meeting at County Hall at the earliest opportunity. The objective would be to clarify misunderstandings and to update the current position. Suggested invitees

  1. Stephen Hunt – ERYC Head of Planning
  2. Cllr Mike Stathers – Conservative ERYC Ward Councillor – Wolds Weighton
  3. Cllr Andy Strangeway – Independent ERYC Ward Councillor – Pocklington Provincial
  4. Rich Clarke – Chairman Stamford Bridge Parish Council
  5. Peter Kite – Chairman Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council

I have suggested that a Press Release is put out after the meeting which has the support of all five. To demonstrate this I believe it would be appropriate to include a photo of the five together.

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