Stamford Bridge In Bloom – Wood Chip Request

We are all aware that the icing on the cake of the beautiful village of Stamford Bridge is the wonderful work Stamford Bridge in Bloom do. I and many others, including ERYC,   obviously fully support SBIB.

For the past ten years or so ERYC have dropped off a load of wood chips for SBIB to maintain the paths and to mulch the planted areas, this keeps the weeds down and hence the work load for a dedicated group of volunteers.

For reasons unknown SBIB have been informed that delivery can only be made if work is done in the area, and there is no work to be done in Stamford Bridge at this time.

As the wood chips are required by March I have requested ERYC to inform me why we are unable to assist SBIB this year.

More importantly I have also asked ERYC to suggest how they can facilitate the request from SBIB.

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