More Not Less Choice Required

For the benefit of good democracy I have always believed in 12 good men and true. A dictatorship, as we currently have at East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) with 47 of the 67 Councillors being Conservative, is in no ones best interests.

I believe a mixture at County Hall of Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, UKIP, other parties and Independents are best placed to represent residents democratically.

UKIP Councillors Abandon East Riding

With all three ERYC UKIP Councillors failing to turn up to vote on the council Tax on Thursday it is reasonable to say UKIP Councillors have abandoned the East Riding.

Mike Whitehead Steps Down

In an email sent to UKIP MEP Mike Hookam late afternoon today Mike Whitehead, former ERYC Conservative Councillor and UKIP Humberside Police Commisioner candidate resigned from UKIP:

“I have met the Party Leader Gerard Batten on several occasions including when he hosted a dinner in a Brussels Hotel, when I brought over business people from Hull.

Whilst I find him to be a very committed Brexiteer, I believe that his alliance with right wing extremists and his fixation with Islam is totally unacceptable to me and I have no alternative but to resign from the Party he leads.

More Not Less Choice Required

I appreciate that some will celebrate the local demise of UKIP but come the election in May we could all be faced with fewer candidates standing.

If UKIP fold in the East Riding the Conservative Party will be celebrating as this could result in the dictatorship getting more power.

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