Linden Homes Failing Pocklington Residents

This morning I paid a visit to Tentor Street and Longlands Close, Pocklington which are on the Linden Homes site. I was appalled with what I witnessed.

  • The state of the roads is unacceptable and as residents have waited for three years I believe Linden Homes must take immediate action to complete the roads.

  • To prevent danger to children no HGV or any other construction vehicle should reverse from the site in front of the play area.

  • Rubbish must be cleared to prevent attracting vermin.

  • Until the road is fully made up Linden Homes should reimburse all monies that the residents of Tentor Street and Longlands Close have paid for maintenance.

  • As Linden Homes have informed residents up to six times in the previous two years that the works depot is to be relocated to a different part of the development, they must do this at the earliest opportunity or

  • If this in not possible use the front entrance to the works depot.

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