Roman Avenue South – Noisy Manhole Cover

A noisy manhole cover on Roman Avenue South, Stamford Bridge has been disturbing the sleep of numerous residents since ERYC resurfaced the road last summer.

A resident contacted ERYC in November to be told “Nowt to do with us, you need to contact Yorkshire Water”.

I then became involved. Given the statement of ERYC I contacted Yorkshire Water, who after several visits, failed to resolve the issue.

So first thing yesterday morning I requested a site visit with Yorkshire Water who confirmed it is indeed the responsibility of ERYC. They followed this up with an email this morning that confirms the position:

“I understand that a joint visit has now taken place, I’m sorry it took some time to arrange this.

The feedback confirms that the cover is indeed noisy however as East Yorkshire Highways replaced all the covers and frames in this road in July 2018, this issue would be their responsibility.

Thanks for taking the time to get in touch, I hope for the sake of yourself and the residents you manage to get this sorted, I can understand how frustrating and annoying this must be.”

The delay in addressing that which ERYC have responsibility for has resulted in considerable disturbance to residents sleep and quality of life.

Given the failure to address I have requested that ERYC deal with the man-hole at the earliest opportunity.

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