Wheelwright Close Development – Breaching Planning Consent

The Land West Of Little Mead, Main Street Sutton Upon Derwent at the end of Wheelwright Close is currently been developed for the erection of three dwellings.

The Notice of Decision clearly states

The Construction Management Plan states

“All vehicle movements to and from the public highway (Main Street) will be via a Banksman.”

The reason for this is public safety, especially the safety of small children. For example when the ERYC Dustbin wagon goes down Wheelwright Close it reverses in and pulls out but only with two Banksmen walking in front.

Over recent weeks it has been drawn to my attention that the developer is failing to comply with the Notice of Decision by having HGVs and other vehicles enter and leave the site without a Banksman.

This morning I have seen footage to confirm this. I have forwarded the footage to ERYC and requested immediate action to ensure public safety.

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