Election Preview – Tory Skeletons In Closets

With the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) Ward Councillor elections only two and a half months away over the next few weeks I will take an election preview.

A fundamental requirement for all prospective ERYC Conservative candidates is to reveal any skeletons they may have in the closet. Sadly some fail to be honest even to their own party.

Arthur Hodgson

Let me say at this point that I believe, within reason, our past mistakes do not hinder our current self and indeed could be said to be an asset in becoming who we are now.

But sadly over the past couple of years we have seen serious skeletons come out of Conservative closets only after the candidate has become a Councillor. In both instances there was a parting of the ways between said Councillors and the Conservative Party.

Arthur Hodgson

Arthur Hodgson – a convicted paedophile who was sentenced to 27 months for child sex offences. He failed to declare this skeleton. He is no longer a Councillor.

Further Information

Hull Daily Mail

  • Dee Sharpe

Dee Sharpe – had challenges with paying her Council Tax and was also disqualified from being a Company Director. She failed to declare both skeletons. Although no longer part of the ERYC Conservative Group she is still a Councillor at both East Riding of Yorkshire and Pocklington Town Council.

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