ERYC Solicitor Breaches Complainant’s Personal Data

ERYC solicitor Peter Atkinson has breached the personal data of a complainant by sending me their email address, landline phone number and mobile phone number. The complainant had submitted a complaint against me!

Mathew Buckley – ERYC Head of Legal and Monitoring Officer

Dealing with the complaint against me has typified the incompetence of ERYC and their talent to waste tax payers’ money. This has included:

  1. Accepting a complaint over a year after the alleged incident.
  2. Accepting a complaint which is outwith the ERYC Code of Conduct.
  3. Failing to resolve the complaint for over two years. It still remains unresolved.
  4. The Investigating Officer, solicitor Peter Atkinson, putting the phone down on me three times.
  5. The Investigating Officer, solicitor Peter Atkinson, breaching personal data of the complainant.
  6. ERYC wasting thousands of pounds on a witch hunt.

I have referred the breach to Mathew Buckley.

If the complainant would like to request the information from me all they need to do is email me to request it.

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