Dangerous Dog Allowed To Terrorise Wilberfoss

Since 2017 Humberside Police and East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) have collectively allowed a dangerous dog to terrorise Wilberfoss.

Since October 2017 the dog has made two unprovoked attacks.

First Attack 14/10/2017

“The family dogs were being walked past the property of the dangerous dog and the dog was released by the owners. It immediately and viciously attacked the 12 year old cocker spaniel, without provocation, barking or any warning. The male owner tried with all his force to get the dog off the spaniel but the attack lasted nearly a minute. Once the dog had been restrained from attacking the spaniel it then proceeded to attack the remaining dog – a 14 year old terrier who was stood on the pavement, again without provocation, barking or any warning. The dog viciously bit and shook the terrier around her neck dragging her into its garden. Both dogs had deep bite wounds and puncture wounds requiring over 50 stitches during three emergency surgeries. The owner of the dangerous dog witnessed the entire attack and could not control it.

The police deferred to the ERYC dog wardens to deal with the situation. After nearly three months of investigation they decided appropriate action was to issue a simple caution to the owners who agreed to prevent further escape, to keep the dog muzzled and to erect fencing with sheeting.”

Repeat Attack 18/02/2019

“The same victims – parent, two 4-year old children and the family dog – were in their front garden on Beckside in Wilberfoss when the dangerous dog entered the garden and without provocation, barking or any warning, removed the family dog with its teeth. The dangerous bullmastiff was without collar, muzzle or owner. It proceeded to viciously attack the family cocker spaniel now aged 14 years dragging her away. The owner tried to hold on using the spaniel’s leather collar, but this was snapped in two by the power of the dog. The owner was pulled off her feet injuring her knee and while on the floor was bitten by the dog, later requiring medical treatment. A neighbour came to help but was also bitten by the dangerous dog again requiring medical treatment and could not make it release the spaniel. Two further men came to help and got the dog off with forceful kicks to unlock its jaws. The owners were not present throughout the attack and did not know the whereabouts of the dangerous dog.”

Call To Bang Heads

I am calling on Humberside Police and ERYC to bang their heads together to ensure public safety. Just get it sorted.

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