ERYC Waste Of Resources – £120,000 Payout

A 59-year-old woman from Bridlington has been awarded £120,000 due to ERYC incompetence. Please see Woman, 59, awarded £120,000 after falling on pavement for further information.

£120,000 equates to 2.5% of this years Council Tax increase. Residents should not have their Council Tax increased to pay for the failures of ERYC. In addition there are the legal costs to be paid.

To make matters worse I was the only ERYC Councillor who voted against increasing this years Council Tax. I voted against the increase due to ERYC continuing to waste resources.

It is beyond me why Councillors believe residents should be taxed to pay for the failures of ERYC officers. The increase was only approved a few weeks ago.

This case took five years to resolve. I am aware of further cases currently on going against ERYC.

When will the waste end?

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