East Riding Conservatives – All Made Up

With a new website the East Riding Conservatives have announced their candidates for the ERYC elections in May. Please see Conservative East Riding Candidates.

  • Photoshop

As can be seen from the photo above of ERYC Leader in waiting Councillor Jonathan Owen it would appear that the Conservatives have been busy with photoshop to enhance photos of many of their candidates. Or perhaps they know the secret of looking younger?

Fewer Candidates

It is noticable that the Tories are only fielding 57 out of a maximum 67 candidates. In 2015 they fielded 64.

My sources confirm that this is not just about throwing the towel in on 10 seats. The simple fact is that they are unable to persuade anyone to stand as candidates due to the failure of Brexit and their failure to represent residents at County Hall.

  • First With Tory News – Pocklington Provincial

As first stated in Pocklington Provincial Tory Candidates – White Flag on 5 February the Tories have confirmed:

“that Councillor Mole is not standing for re-election but Councillor West is. Kay will be joined by David Sykes and her son Paul West to stand for election to be ERYC Ward Councillors for Pocklington Provincial.”

Pocklington Provincial typifies the Conservative failure to not only represent residents but also to realise that they are losing the support of residents including Conservative voters.

My source confirms that the Conservatives have become so insular they are unable to secure candidates from any of the villages in the Ward or anywhere in Pocklington apart from the Town Council. The Town Council is a liability to the Conservatives and they have failed to recognise this fact.

Put simply Councillors Mole and Councillor West have entered into a bubble with Pocklington Town Council that Conservative voters themselves do not support. None of them dealt with:

  1. Anti social behaviour at the top of Denison Road, Pocklington
  2. The failure to provide Miller Retreat residents with roads for three years
  3. The dangerous dog in Wilberfoss

No photoshop can change this.

  • Tory Track Record

Now let us all sing the proclaimed Tory mantra:

“We Listen, We Act, We deliver”

Now let us all sing the chorus:

What about Brexit? What about Brexit? What about Brexit?

No photoshop can change this.

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