Avant – Godwin Vale Litter Blight Resolved

Within an hour of referring the Godwin Vale litter blighting neighbours the ERYC officer had referred the issue to another ERYC officer and contacted the site manager to raise the concerns with him.

Avant Homes have stated:

“I’ve asked the site teams to retrieve the rubbish and ensure any loose materials are secured down. It has been extremely windy the past couple of days which I presume is the cause.”

This concludes a working together of a resident, Ward Councillor, ERYC officers and Avant Homes to promptly achieve the desired result.

Well done everyone.

Learning From

I would politely encourage Peter Kite, Chairman of Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council (FSSPC), to discuss with ERYC Ward Councillors for Wolds Weighton how FSSPC can best address a similar situation in the future.

Systems are in place and we should all work within them whenever possible to help our residents.

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