ERYC Incompetence Results In Pock Parking Confusion

I watched in disbelief this morning as, due to ERYC incompetence, car drivers in Pocklington started to enter the parking bay below and then aborted due to the notice.

There is no legal status to the parking restriction MC/Only as:

  1. There was no consultation to the restriction
  2. There is no Traffic Regulation Order
  3. There is no signage

What does MC/only mean?

Some have suggested only those from Scotland may park there, some believe it is for the Mayors Car, while others have said it is for Motor Caravans but the big money is on motorcycles only.

Either way the restriction has no legal basis. I have requested ERYC to correct their mistake as a matter of urgency as their actions are currently affecting road safety.

Sadly this incompetence is not a first. A few months ago ERYC did something very similar in Stamford Bridge which has resulted in the current loss of disabled parking. Please see Stamford Bridge Disabled Parking: Confusion.

This was also the site of the Market Place Parking Bays Double Yellows fiasco.

Council Tax Bill

Ironically many received their Council Tax bills today. I was the only ERYC Councillor out of 67 who voted against the increase due to waste of finance. Yet again we see further evidence.

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