Linden Homes Breach Best Methods of Practice

The Linden Homes best methods of practice document for The Balk, Pocklington appears to be coming back to haunted them given their current failures.

The document was lodged with ERYC Planning as a requirement to proceed with the original development yet it should not have been as it is noticeable that the document is a poor cut and paste from a different site.

The failure of Linden Homes include:

  1. Duties of a banksman not fulfilled
  2. Ensure Audible warnings are switched to a minimum required by HSE
  3. Vehicles on site should be fitted with broadband White noise reversing alarms
  4. Generators should have acoustic covers in place
  5. Electrically powered plant is quieter than diesel or petrol driven plant
  6. Contractors radios to be used at a minimum audible level
  7. Site should inform those affected by work in advance of site activity
  8. Site Manager to interact proactively with residents
  9. etc..

I have requested ERYC to address the failures with Linden Homes.

Further Information

Please read Linden Homes – The Balk, Pocklington – Best Methods of Practice

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