Tories Gamble Residents Lives For Road Sign

It is beyond belief that the three Conservative Pocklington Provincial candidates for the upcoming ERYC election endorse signage at the Wilberfoss A1079 West junction that could cause deaths.

The signs could work without fault for months. So we will have a situation where Mr Smith happily commutes to work each day from Pocklington to York returning in the evening. He knows that if a car is approaching the junction ahead the sign will flash to inform him of the fact.

However the Vehicle Activated Signs that the Conservatives are happy to endorse have a massive risk to them. What happens if, for whatever reason, they fail to work one evening?

Mr Smith drives home from a hard day in the office, no light flashes so no car at the junction, but on this occasion the sign has malfunctioned and there are cars at the junction. Will Mr Smith be driving in auto and compute no flashing sign equals no car?

The outcome could be fatal.

I am at a loss why the three Conservative candidates are willing to gamble residents lives on the functioning or not of a road sign.

I will happily support that we take one step back and have a flashing sign that states “junction ahead slow down”. I cannot support gambling with residents lives.

I have emailed Councillor Kay West requesting that she and her fellow Conservative candidates revisits their endorsement. Hopefully common sense will prevail with the Conservatives.

Wilberfoss Annual Parish Meeting

ERYC Officer Mark Jessop will attend the Wilberfoss Annual Parish Meeting on May 16 to discuss this with residents.

ERYC Director Statement

On Friday 22 March, ERYC Director, Paul Bellotti confirmed “At present, no further work is proposed”.

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