New Prison Update – Objectors Election Candidates

At the beginning of the month I published Prison – Kick Into Election Long Grass noting that there is an attempt to kick the application for a new Full Sutton prison into the long grass until after the ERYC election on 2 May. A month later there is a loud silence from County Hall. Does this confirm my statement will prove correct?

Objectors Election Candidates

I would encourage that those who oppose the prison application stand in the ERYC election on May 2nd in either Pocklington Provincial Ward (which includes Stamford Bridge) or Wold Weighton Ward (which includes Full Sutton). The timing could not be better.

Success via the ballot box by one or more candidates standing against the new prison application would send a very strong message to County Hall.

My Position

My position remains unchanged. When it finally does go to committee I will request a refusal.

I am firmly of the belief that the planned new prison will not be built.

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