Millers Retreat Managed Areas – ERYC Statement

Many residents of Millers Retreat, Pocklington have raised concern with me regards having to pay a charge for the maintenance of the Managed Areas.

ERYC have stated:

“In terms of the recent planing applications that have been approved on the allocated sites (POC – A, C and F) all these developers have used management companies to manage the open space.  Many developers are now choosing to use management companies to manage open space and there is normally a charge on each household into a management fund that provides for the maintenance of these open space areas. This is a commercial decision made by the developer and not something that the Council can control.  People buying a house on a site where a company manages the open space should be made aware of the terms and conditions of any agreement when they purchase their property by the developer/their solicitor.  It is a choice made by the developer and any subsequent problems that may arise are civil matters between the management company and the resident.”

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