ERYC Tory Bullying – Confirmed By Themselves

I am refer amazed to read a Conservative Candidate for Wolds Weighton, Leo Hammond, state on social media:

“I would like to correct your claim that at East Riding there is a Conservative Whip that bullies councillors to vote a certain way – this is not true at all, the Conservative group at County Hall agrees on policy agenda in all-group meetings where councillors debate issues and all have a say and a course of action is agreed.”

A Conservative Chief Whip and Deputy Chief Whip are paid a total £5,269 per annum by Council Tax payers.

In ERYC Tory Bullying – Cllr Symon Fraser Interview I published “East Riding of Yorkshire Council Conservative Cllr Symon Fraser talks of browbeating, bullying and a dislike of the rules. Welcome to the inside view of the East Riding Conservative Party.”

This confirms that there are tax payer funded Tory whips and that there is bullying of Tory Councillors.

Of course this is not to say the bullying is carried out by the whips.

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