Strangeway Healy Effect Haunts ERYC Tories

The effect of Councillor Andy Strangeway, Independent, winning a by-election in Pocklington Provincial and Councillor Denis Healy, Liberal Democrat, winning a by-election in St Mary’s in 2016 caused and continues to cause panic for ERYC Tories.

After the by-election losses in Pocklington and St Marys East Yorkshire Conservatives were told “We must all raise our game ahead of the next set of elections”. (Please see leaked document above)

They have clearly failed.

While the Tories have gone from bad to worse, across East Yorkshire and Beverley Councillor Strangeway and Councillor Healy have demonstrated that you do not need to be a part of the whipped Tory Group to help residents and get things done.

Purely spin but no mention of helping residents and getting things done.

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