Email Confirms Council Resources Used For Hustings

With both ERYC Head of Legal Mathew Buckley and ERYC Returning Officer and Chief Executive Caroline Lacey  remaining silent, I now offer them a clue.

To unequivoally confirm that Pocklington Town Council (PTC)/Town Mayor Councillor Dean Hodgson have used Council resources to promote a political event, I urge ERYC to ask PTC for a copy of an email sent by PTC dated 18 April 2019 at 12:13:15.

Hopefully ERYC/PTC will then concede that the hustings have been arranged in breach of statute and that PTC has misused Council resources.

Unfortunately, if I receive no confirmation to that effect,  I will have no alternative but to publish the email at 17.00 today in order to allow the Court of Public Opinion to pass judgement.

Please read ERYC Silence Confirms Incompetence

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