ERYC Silence Confirms Incompetence

As reported in Pocklington Hustings – Buckley Corrupt Or Incompetent ERYC Head of Legal Mathew Buckley stated within minutes “I cannot see an issue with this” in response to PTC Mayor Acting Beyond Legal Powers.

Yet a day and half after my highlighting to both Mathew and Caroline Lacey, ERYC Returning Officer and Chief Executive relevant facts that prove this statement to be at best hasty there has been silence. This silence confirms ERYC are incompetent.

The “Pocklington Provincial Hustings Affair” confirms that certain Town/Parish Councils do not have the legal knowledge to undertake their statutory powers.

This is not helped by the ERYC Head of Legal misleading PTC or Caroline Lacey joining him in silent mode.

Ironically ERYC has recently completed a review into how ERYC can work better with Town/Parish Councils. For a double irony this was Chaired by Pocklington Provincial Conservative Councillor Kay West who has been copied into all communication from me. Kay is standing for reelection.

The PTC, ERYC Head of Legal, ERYC Chief Executive and Councillor Kay West have collectively failed to demonstrate that anything has been learnt from the review.

Yet again a waste of tax payers resources.

Point 5

I can now confirm that no council resources can be used to promote a political event.

In addition I can also confirm that I hold documentary evidence that demonstrates PTC has done just that.

ERYC Must Sort The Mess

I have requested Mathew and Caroline to sort this mess for the benefit of East Riding tax payers and to demonstrate that they will deal with corruption and/or incompetence.

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